4 Mind-Blowing ways to Fix when your ps4 controller is red?

The light bulbs of the PS4 will be shown in multiple colors such as orange,  white and blue. What does it mean when your ps4 controller is red?. But players are confused with the red color light. In PS4 the red color is not a symbol of showing the sign broken controller but in many cases the controls my broken.

A red light in most situations is a warning that something is wrong. Are you worried about the sudden appearance of red lights on your PS4 controller? Wondering why your PS4 controller keeps flashing and if something is wrong?

Don’t worry; You’ve come to the right place. We will tell you everything.

While checking the controllers you may find some errors and it may show in the red color light. The red color light is not blinking and it is stuck then you need some method for fixing it.

Below you can find the lightbars controllers meaning of PS4

  1. Blue light means player 1
  2. Red light means player 2
  3. Greenlight means player 3
  4. Pink light means player 4

why and when your ps4 controller is red?

when your ps4 controller is red
when your ps4 controller is red

If you have questions regarding why does the PS4 shows Red light then it may be some issues listed below are the solutions for the problem.

  1. Defective cable

If your PS4 controller has a problem with the DS4 cable it may show Red light. This may due to the controller was not able to charge. For fixing the cable issues you may need alcohol or cleaning detergent. Cleaning the cable and trying whether it’s working or not. If not working then replace the cable.

  1. Defective Port

The defective port may affect the charging process of the console and it may show the red light. So such a situation you may need to replace otherwise the console will not get charging.

  1. Defective Battery

The defective battery will lead to a stop working of the console, So you may need to replace the battery. For getting better performance you may need to clean the battery port and plug inject.

  1. Connection problem between battery and port

You need to check the port and battery if the console loses the connections. The loose connection may lead to the interrupted working of the battery and port. So you need to clean the battery case and port once a week. 

PS4 Controller Red Light Bar During Gameplay

The light bars of the console will show the health level. If the health of the character is low then the console may show redlight. This will happen only in some games, but if the red light show without playing games then you need to check the following methods above.

If you’re the only player and the controller still shows a red light, it probably means you’re logged in as another user; Changing the user will also change the light. To change users, hold the PS4 button on the controller, highlight the “power button ” and select “Switch users”, now you can choose the user you want to play with.

How to Fix Controller Light Bar Stuck on Red

Here are the different methods for fixing the red light issues on the PS4. hopeful that one of the methods will help your problem. Before doing these methods make sure that safety precautions need to be taken.

DS4 cable replacement

As I mentioned earlier the PS4 controller will show the red light due to a faulty cable and USB port. So the problem will arise from the DS4 cable then you need to replace the cable. For replacing the cable you can read the guide below

How to replace the DS4 cable in PS4?

  • Step 1

For opening the PS4 controller rear cover you need to remove the four 6.0 mm screws securing the rear cover to the controller.

Step 2

Using a small plastic tool you can gently open or pull the upper part of the PS4 controller and you can find a white ribbon cable that was attached to a charger plug.

Step 3

Replace the White ribbon cable, then your problem with the DS4 cable will be solved.

Resetting PS4 Console

Resetting the PS4 console is an easy process because at any time the PS4 starts acting unusual. While resetting the console can help to solve the most problems

The following steps will help to reset the PS4 console

  1. Firstly you need to turn off the PS4 by pressing to holding the power button.
  2. Next you need to unplug the power cable from the back of unit.
  3. Wait for 5 minutes and plug it in again.
  4. After these steps you can press the PS button which turn on the PS4.

Resetting the PS4 Controller

The corrupted software can lead to stopping working of the functions, this reason can lead to flashing red light and disconnecting from Pc. You can reset the PS4 console and the problem can be fixed while resetting the controller.

For resetting the PS4 controller you need to follow the below steps:

  1. Firstly you need to locate the reset button on the PS4 controller.
  2. Use the small tools for pushing the button inside the hole.
  3. After reseting the PS4 controller you can connect the PS4 controller to console.

PS4 Safe mode

If the red light on your PS4 controller doesn’t seem to be fixed by following other methods, try starting your PS4 in safe mode. This trick usually works when there is a firmware issue in your PS4 or its controller. Booting your PS4 in Safe Mode is an easy method;

  1. First, turn your PS4 off.
  2. Now you need to press and hold the power button for 10 seconds. Here you will hear two beeps.
  3. Proceed with connecting your DS4 with a USB cable and press the PS button on the controller.

Inspect the USB port

Often the problem is the USB port. If it fails, your PS4 controller won’t charge and a low battery will cause it to flash red.

Final words of when your ps4 controller is red

Without a doubt, it’s normal to worry about your PS controller, especially if it starts flashing red, which is, most of the time, not a good sign. This article has done its best to ease your confusion about the red light on your controller. We hope this simple and straightforward guide has been helpful.

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