A blog consists of a huge business option and it is one of the best ways to use your creative ability. The competition in this industry is intense, many people have maintained nice blogs and thus it becomes really difficult to stay ahead of others. If you have an inner feeling that your blog should get a lot of traffic and you would get signed with advertisers, but is that’s not what is happening then you can follow these 10 ways to make your blog more attractive to advertisers.

A blog consists of 10 attractive blogging tips for adverisement

  1. You should get advertise with our banner on the front page of blog. You would like to make a label or some graphic on the basic page in order to highlight the icon of ‘advertise with the blog’. This shall take viewers to the info page that shall contain all details of charges of different ads. You should always make sure that you keep it above the fold as you want to attract the maximum number of advertisers to the site.
  2. The second thing that you need to do in order to make the blog attractive is to be very specific, don’t put anything irrelevant onto the blog. Irrelevant stuff shall only cause decline in your site’s reputation and you shall not be able to make it attractive. Advertisements also need to be very specific as only blog-related adverts are able to get good hits.
  3. Using a banner head is one of the best ways to attract advertisers. You can catch their attention to earn some extra bucks, if you lack a proper paid placement thing; you can simply put up a house or property advert on the site, it shall serve the purpose.
  4. Using statistics of site visitors is another great way of attracting advertisers. Common stats such as monthly visitors and the 1st time visitors should be shown clearly on the homepage of the site. Other statics such as the ones for all visitors to date, or Google’s Public Reputation or ranking can be displayed once a week or such details can be seen on clicking a link.
  5. Knowing the audience is really important in order to make the blog attractive for advertisers. You can show site visitor’s statistics in order to know the demographics of readers. You may also have some polls for getting specific info.
  6. There should be an about us page on the site, this helps the advertisers and common readers to know about the purpose of the blog and about you.
  7. Excess clutter should be eliminated from the site, no need to have flash animations and games that take extra space.
  8. Having links to social networking sites is a must these days. These hyperlinks help you in getting integrated and also create sufficient buzz that is a requirement.
  9. Posting content on regular basis is the basic thing that should be done to keep the blog updated and attractive.
  10. At the end you need to be well aware of other blogs, this helps you in knowing about the things that are being done by competitors.
  11. Blogging will help to earn money if you work and post trending articles.

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