Everyone needs money for their daily needs.To make money as teenagers do affiliate marketing.

You can easily make money online through different ways such as blogging, dropshipping.

What is affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing means earning commissions by selling someone’s products.

You can earn high commissions from affiliate marketing by helping in the sale of the products.

In other terms , generating sales to another company and earning some profit ( not like dropshipping).

The best one is that you don’t need to create products and no need to waste time and money for creating products.

All you need to do is generate traffic to the link of products and suggest them to buy the products that you promote.

How does Affiliate Marketing work?

Affiliate marketing works through different stages for promoting and sale of the products.

There are three parties who works in first stage to last

1.Seller or Product maker
2.Publisher or Affiliate

3.The consumers


The seller is an entrepreneur or retailer with  products to market.

The product can be digital or physical product,

Such household products and ebook also.

Publisher or Affiliate:

The publisher or affiliate will promote the product to the consumer with good reviews of the products and persuade the consumers to buy the products.

If the consumer buys the product the publisher or affiliate marketer will get commission .

The consumers:

The consumer is the person who buy the products from the affiliate link or publisher.

When the consumer buys the product the publisher and affiliate marketer will get a small percentage of commission for the sale of the product.

How Do Affiliate Marketers Get Their commissions?

The quick and inexpensive way to make money from online as an affiliate marketer is simple.

Lot of affiliate marketing persons are earning tons of money from online through different platforms such as blogging, influence marketer etc.

The consumer does not buy the products through affiliate links all the times .

The affiliate get paid in different ways:

1.Pay per sales

This is the standard affiliate marketing way.In this program, The merchant will pay a certain percentage of the commission to the affiliate marketer for sale of the product.

2.Pay per lead

In this program, The affiliate marketer needs to persuade the consumer to visit the merchant website and to complete the desired action on the website.

Such as signing up for the trails, filling the contact form etc.

3.Pay per click

In pay per click the main aim of the affiliate marketer is to redirect the consumer to the merchant website.The affiliate marketer will get paid on the increase in the web traffic.

Some of the affiliate marketing providers



3.Cj Affiliate

3.Amazon associates


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