Are you really looking for laptop cases that can be used as a convertible and security transport for your asus vivobook s15 hard shell case?

Protect your laptop from dust and other scratchable materials. then this article could help you if you had a laptop case.

The laptops are not cheaply made and the people had invested a lot of money to buy a laptop.

But do you invest the money for only buying a laptop or do you need protection for the laptop? You should invest in the protection of the laptop and there are lots of cases available in the market or online for buying.

You can easily use the laptop case while traveling and it’s easy and comfortable to handle.

So, here I have compiled a list of the top 5 ASUS laptop cases and you can decide what you need according to the review.

List of Top 5 Best asus vivobook s15 hard shell case

Asus laptops are more compatible with lots of laptop cases that satisfy the needs and also some are lighter, easy to carry while some are thicker with a more stylish look.

Among the various numerous laptop cases, the most compatible with the Asus laptop is listed below as the best five Asus laptop cases in 2021. 

ASUS ROG Ranger BP1501 gaming laptop Backpack

ASUS ROG Ranger BP1501 gaming laptop Backpack
ASUS ROG Ranger BP1501 gaming laptop Backpack

Asus Rog Ranger was first on our list and it was made perfectly fit for you and also easy to carry.

The stylish gaming-inspired design will give more appeal to the case and the build quality is high. Also, you can have quick access to the exterior pocket to keep your essential accessories.

The backpack contains a large area that is covered with AirMesh which gives the most comfort. So, this is the best backpack that can carry easily and also give immersive design with comfort.

The backpack padded compartment will ensure that the laptop will be kept secure. They also provide another secured compartment for the notebook/tablet for security.

It was designed with quick exterior pocket access which can help you to handle the various accessories in the pocket.

The material used to make the ASUS ROG Ranger was water-resistant which means even if you travel with your laptop in rain, your laptop will be safe from water.

The backpack was designed to give maximum comfort for keeping cool while you travel.

2. Arvok 15-15.6 inch laptop Sleeve with multi-color and Size choice

2. Arvok 15-15.6 inch laptop Sleeve
Arvok 15-15.6 inch laptop Sleeve

The Arvok 15.6 inch is the second one on our list and it was designed beautifully for easy carry and is compatible with all laptops which come under 16 inches.

It is most suitable for HP, Acer, Sony, ASUS laptops. You can select the laptop case according to your laptop size also please check the dimension of the laptop before purchasing the case.

The laptop case offers 99.9% water resistance with premium material which is used as most comfort. The case is ultra-thin super lightweight with superior protection for the laptop or notebook from dust and water.

You can use this case for traveling in the rain because it was built with water resistance protection.

The slime design will give you a massive comfort for an easy use case as it is easy to slide the laptop inside the bag. So,

this is the second choice on our list before buying the case check the size available.

3. Ytonet laptop case, 15.6 inch TSA Laptop Sleeve Water Resistant.

Ytonet laptop case, 15.6 inch TSA Laptop Sleeve
Ytonet laptop case, 15.6 inch TSA Laptop Sleeve

The Ytonet is the third one on our list which was designed as an elegant and stylish-looking laptop case. The case was designed for college students and office work;

It includes several compartments and 15.6-inch compartments for laptops. The other compartment can be useful for storing other accessories.

In this case, you can have easy access pockets and a 90-180 degree opening case which help you to store the laptop easily.

You can see a hideable handle strap that can be hideable inside the pocket.

This case comes with water resistance of up to 99.9% and also looks simple in the black and grey color with a securable compartment for storing laptops and other devices.

4. Lenovo Casual Laptop backpack B210 

Lenovo Casual Laptop backpack B210 
Lenovo Casual Laptop backpack B210 

Are you looking for a stylish laptop case? Lenovo provides the best quality laptop case Which can fit the dimensions of a 15.6-inch laptop. 

High-quality and durable water repellent fabric will give a more securable compartment for keeping a laptop. Also, provide an integrated luggage strap for more comfortable travel for all to use.

You can also access a quick pocket for keeping basic accessories.

The bag was made with a stylish design to attract and can be used for college, school, and other office purposes.

So you can buy this product according to the size of the laptop you have(recommend).

5. Tommy Travel Gear 24.29 Ltrs Navy Laptop Backpack

Tommy Travel Gear 24.29 Ltrs Navy Laptop Backpack
Tommy Travel Gear 24.29 Ltrs Navy Laptop Backpack

The Tommy travel gear is the last one on our list. This backpack also offers a comfortable handle and adjustable straps for easy carrying of the laptop.

The signature strap will give a smart look on the navy colour with a massive space you can store all the accessories in a backpack.

With support, backing will give more comfort to carry a heavy load in the backpack.

Tommy Hilfiger provides a superior stylish and quality backpack which also attracts customers for choosing the backpack worldwide.

conclusion of the laptop case

The laptop cases above are made of high quality and also the customer reviews are always our priority and I will recommend the first one because it has high build quality also it will be suitable for the laptop.

 So when you buy any of these products, kindly choose the correct size of the laptop. If you need more cases comment below.

 Also, check the list of reviews below.