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best processor for gaming pc
best processor for gaming pc

The best processor for gaming these processors are clocking in just around $100-$120. For Intel users and respective motherboard sockets, the Intel Core i3-10100 will be your processor of choice.

 This CPU boasts 4 cores and 8 threads, running at 3.6 GHz base speed with a max overclock speed of 4.3 GHz. It is capable of running 4K monitors at 60hz and comes with integrated graphics. 

best processor for gaming pc motherboard compatability, you’re looking at an LGA1200 socket type for this processor. This CPU is currently listed on eBay and Ali Express for $100.

 Another processor in this budget range is the AMD Ryzen 3 3300X, which is rocking 4 cores and 8 threads at 3.8 GHz base clock speeds with an overclocking max of 4.3 GHz. 

This CPU utilizes an AM4 socket type and comes to about $120 on certain retail websites. Both of these processors are offering similar price-to-performance specs and are extremely budget friendly for entry-level PC builds.

 If you’re on a tight budget, these CPUs will be a great choice to include in your build. Onto the next budget range, these processors are offering better performance for the ever-so-daunting price of $200 (or less!).

 For the Intel lovers, the Intel Core i5-9600K will be your go-to CPU for this price range. $220 brand new or upwards of $140 pre-owned will get you 6 cores and 6 threads at a base frequency of 3.7 GHz with room for overclocking to 4.6 GHz. 

This processor can handle 4K resolution with ease at 60hz and uses an LGA1151 socket on your motherboard. This is an excellent choice for anyone looking at an Intel PC build. 

The AMD counterpart for this budget range will be the Ryzen 5 3600X, starting at $240 and potentially $200 new from Ali Express. 

best processor for gaming pc With 6 cores and 12 threads running at 3.8 GHz with potential overclock speeds of 4.4 GHz max,

this beast of a processor will be an excellent selection for your PC build, as long as you have an AM4 socket on your motherboard. 

These two processors are great for those mid-ranged budget builds and will handle any games you throw at them with ease. This final processor is for those of you trying to slay literal dragons with your PC build.

 This CPU will make other computers submit in fear and wish they even had a chance to compete. The Intel Core i9-10900K delivers 3.7 GHz (up to an eye-watering 5.2 GHz) through 10 cores and 20 threads. 

You could solve quantum time dilation equations with this and it won’t even break a sweat. It does cost $500 . If you have that kind of budget,

this monster of a processor is the cherry on top of any PC build, making other processors look like an abacus from 2700 B.C.these processors mean nothing without a complementing GPU.

 If you haven’t picked out a graphics card already, I’ve made a video about the best GPUs you can get on a budget, which you can watch by clicking the card in the top right.

 Links to each processor mentioned in this video will be listed in the description. Keep in mind that the market prices for processors fluctuate quite frequently,

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