Nowadays people are using wireless ways to transfer data. So it is easy to transfer files from one medium to another. In earlier days people were printing with the help of a printer cable and I set files from anywhere in the room or office.

If you are long away from the printer you can easily transfer the files via email so it will print it up, but the problem is how to connect the printer wirelessly.

Well, in this article I will be guiding you step by step on how to connect the laptop to the printer.

  • So the first step is to power on your printer and establish a laptop with Wi-Fi connection.
  • Put in this CD which contains software that was packed together with the Dell printer and install the software on your laptop.
  • Click except on the terms and condition and install the software with the provided instruction .
  • Attach USB cable with wireless printer and the laptop if on screen instruction Demands you to.
  • After finishing all the installation directed by themselves and set up your printer and adjust your cartridge.

So this printer is working with a wireless connection which was provided from your home or your office connection 

Then the next step is attaching the printer with a Wi-Fi network and it will depend upon the manufacturer, So before set up go through the printer manual and Take directions given in the manual

  • Turn on your Wi-Fi device and your laptop also the printer then go to the Control Panel of the printer and check the wireless set up settings in that you can see wireless LAN settings.
  • Click on the wireless SSID of the Wi-Fi connection and then type a secure password.

When the printer gets connected with the Wi-Fi the printer wireless light will turn on so you can analyze that the printer is connected with the Wi-Fi network of your home or office.

How to connect the laptop to the printer wirelessly.

  • Once you get the access from Wi-Fi connection please the printer and laptop turn on them on windows search text box under printer.
  • Click on the printers and scanners and at the settings area click to add a printer and you can check the name of your printer and add the device.
  • If you are installing in Windows 10 They may ask to install several applications for the working of printers so you need to install the application which was divided by the Windows 10.
  • So after this set up the laptop can send documents from a wireless printer without any connections such as USB or printer Cable.
  • If the printer is not coming up on the windows you can navigate the scanner area Check whether the printer is connected with the laptop or not if not check that the printer and laptop or connected with the one Wi-Fi connection.
  • After that connect the network and select the printer then click on the wireless printer and exit from the settings.


So this is the easiest way to connect the Dell laptop with the printer wirelessly. You can follow these steps for connection and also you can send the documents for printing any connection to the same network connection. For the setup, it does not require any USB cable or printer cable for printing the documents.

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