Nowadays the children are using mobile phones at a young age, So it is about the Disadvantages of mobile phones for children’s.

Disadvantages of mobile phones
Disadvantage of mobile phone

The teachers and parents have questions about whether the mobiles or devices belong in the classroom.

The mobile phone provides various ways to offer creative learning experiences, allow for emergency communications, and to improve the students’ social experiences.

However, These devices can also hinder learning and lead to inappropriate use and affect the student’s health.

But there are many ways to overcome the disadvantages of using mobile devices in schools.

Disadvantages of mobile phones for children’s

The mobile phone devices have a possibility of developing tumour in the brain and ear of the student,

The WHO has categorized mobile phone devices radiation because it harms the human body.

Children consume more than 60 percent of the radiation into the brain as compared to adults.

Scientists have discovered that just three minutes of the phone calls may change the immature activity of the brain of the kids for an hour,

The wave of air from mobile phones will penetrate deep into the brain.

The disturbed brain activity may impair the children’s learning ability and other behavioral issues. It could change the mood and ability to learn in the classroom.

Due to dependence on mobile phones, the students bypass their assignments and overlook their education.


Cyberbullying means it is a form of bullying or harassment through electronic means. It is also known as cyberharassment or online bullying,

It has been reported that cyberbullying has been increased nowadays by students or teenagers as digital technologies have expanded in the world.

Cyberbullying is when a person or group of people bullies or harass others online or on the internet and other digital platforms.

Study Loss

The other determinant for studies is that they have a high loss in their examinations. As a result of using mobile devices, the students are not getting well concentrated in their studies.

Waste of Time

Time is very important in our life. Students are using mobile phones for a long time not during the day but also at night. It will affect their life by losing more time on mobile phones.

Waste of Energy

While using mobile devices the other greatest factor is that it impacts human lives as they are losing a lot of energy by using mobile phones. It will affect the human body and brain also for the eyes.

Sleepless Night

The majority of students are not studying at night. They are using mobile phones and spending their time playing games, watching videos, and other activities. It will waste energy as the students were using mobile devices during sleeping time. The students were not worried about the time spent on mobile phones as they are playing and watching movies and videos till morning.

Mobile Phone Safety For Children (Disadvantages of mobile phones)

  • Don’t give any mobile devices or mobile phones to children under 16 years, As there are many childrens who have brain tumour and eye problems then children below the age of 16.
  • Don’t let the child hold cell phones directly to the head, Use air-tube headset alternatively.
  • Make sure about the mobile towers and system towers that are not near to the home and schools.
  • Don’t let the student make use mobile cell phone as faulty
  • Make sure that childrens are not using mobiles phones at their sleeping time 
  • Involve the childrens in participating games and sports activities.

So these are the Disadvantages of mobile phones for students in school and our team has made this article from various reports and surveys.