How to factory reset Lenovo laptop windows 7 without cd

If you are using a laptop you may get so many errors or hang in the laptop, This is the basic problem that arises in every laptop but here I will show you how to factory reset Lenovo laptop windows 7 without cd

Lenovo is the nest laptop company that provides immersive performance laptops in the world and most of the users are running Windows on the laptop. In this post, you can get full information about the question “How to restart Lenovo laptop?”

You can restart the Lenovo laptop using the windows start menu or by holding the power button also be aware of data loss while force restarting the laptop.

If your computer is running without any problem and you want to reboot it for some reason, you can do it through the Windows Start menu.

Step1: Click on the “Start” menu on the start menu you can see the power or power option.

Step2” You are given the choice to restart, sleep, shut down the laptop. If you want to restart then click on the restart button.

These are the basic way to restart your computer or laptop also you can shut down the laptop for a while because of any overheating issues.

How to Reboot a Lenovo Laptop?

factory reset Lenovo laptop
factory reset Lenovo laptop

If you’re having any problems or troubles with your laptop, The best step is to simply reboot the PC or laptop that means restarting the operating system. If that is not enough for you then go for factory reset settings.

You can either boot from the CD you can get from purchasing the laptop or you can make a bootable USB to store windows and boot.

Rebooting a computer system means restarting it. You can have a different operating system but here I will show you the operating system with Microsoft Windows, To reboot the system follow my steps below:

Step1: Click on the Start Menu and Click on the Power button.

Step2: Click on the restart button in the submenu. If your system found an error then press the shutdown button and give some rest to the laptop.

If you cannot access the Start men for some reason then press Ctrl and Alt then Delete keys and there you can see the restart option to reboot the computer.

How to Restore Factory Settings?

If your operating system is not properly working after a reboot, Then you may need to restore the factory settings.

 If you have any data on your hard drive and you can contact the computer repair shop for backing up or restoring the data. 

You can use a bootable USB or DVD to access the hard drive and copy files to a cloud or external hard disk.

If you have any other problem with your PC then you need to

  • Refresh your PC : While refreshing the PC without loosing any data or personal files will help tp increase the performance. Refresh also keep apps and data cache in itself.
  • Restore PC : Restore the PC means you will loose all personal data and the computer will install or reinstall a new operating system.

Conclusion Of factory reset Lenovo laptop ?

In the above article “factory reset Lenovo laptop”, You have already found the solution for how to restart or reboot Lenovo Laptop. what are the benefits of updating or rebooting the system?.

The answer is you can increase the speed or performance of the computer also give more space to save new files also delete the unwanted files from the computer

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