Are you aware of losing expensive Airpods from charging? That’s because you are not having a piece of good knowledge about how to charge wireless earbuds without case.

So I will teach you to chare the wireless earbuds without a case.

Airpods are one of the best products of Apple and what happens if we lose the case.

So let’s look for some solutions for this costly problem

You need to follow the instruction or steps that are given in the solution.

Best way to charge Airpods without case

The best way to charge Airpods without a case and Airpods work a long time without any issues but what happens if you lose the wireless case.

But you can learn the system of how to charge wireless Airpods without a case.

If you lose the Airpods case and find it difficult for charging the solution can be given by Apple itself. If you have first-generation or second-generation AirPods then you can buy a new wireless case for Airpods.

How to charge wireless earbuds without case
How to charge wireless earbuds without case

Causes of charging headset problems

Most of the wireless headphones may work for at least 3 years, but sometimes you can’t charge the battery.

you can find the reason behind the problem below:

Broken battery: In this case, you can buy a new headphone or replace the older one with a new one.

Problem with software: If your battery was not charging then you may need to check any software updates are available.

Dust or water content: If your case has any dust or water content inside the case can cause problems.

How to check your Airpods Battery Life?

You can check the AirPods battery life in the iPhone. Verify the charging or battery status on your iPhone device by opening the lid of the case.

Then if you want to see the charging or battery status of one earbud then take out one earbud from the wireless case.

Best methods to charge the wireless Airpods without case

There are different methods for charging the AirPods but we are not sure about the methods will work or not. But you can try this method in an emergency situation to charge the Airpods.

Method 1- Using a narrow pin charger

This method can solve the problem of charging wireless AirPods, In our research, we had found that the Nokia old model mobile has a narrow pin charger for charging the phone. But don’t worry about the Nokia mobile you can get a charger for that particular model.

But you can try the narrow pin charger for charging the AirPods. But I will recommend the second method.

Method 2- Using an APP

You can charge the Airpods without opening or technically. Using the application you can charge the AirPods without any issues or problems, Just follow the steps below:

Step 1: Open your browser and search for on the search bar

Then find the Airpod charger APP and download or install the application.

Step 2: Press the inject button

 You can now inject the charging for Airpods but it may or may not work

Conclusion of how to charge wireless earbuds without case

You can solve the problem related to charging issues in the Airpods and use this method for emergency situations. This first method will help to solve the problem and you can get more information in the upcoming blogs