According to the laptop, it’s not an easy way to make a gaming laptop. It is very hard to upgrade the laptop due to the limited size. but how to make a low end laptop a gaming laptop with suitable components.

You can upgrade the memory and hard drive of the old laptop into a new powerful machine for increasing gaming performance. when you are upgrading the laptop you need to keep certain things in mind before upgrading.

So, let’s start upgrading the laptop into a gaming laptop with the operating system.

Evaluate the current hardware of the laptop

First of all, you need to evaluate the old laptop hardware before upgrading to a gaming laptop. because you need to know which part of the hardware needs to upgrade.

You need to note down the serial numbers and the model of the components that you are going for before replacement. You will be upgrading the storage and RAM of the old laptop to make a gaming laptop.

Upgrade the hardware

RAM is the main component of every laptop or desktop. When you open any game the RAM starts its function and helps to load the game fast. instead of a hard drive, the RAM will be used as directly so it stores only temporary data.

If you add more RAM to the laptop or desktop computer it is beneficial. You need more RAMcompared to the data required to hold an extra always will go to the dustbin. That means if you upgrade RAM to 64 GB then you are using only 16GB memory only then balance will be used as a dustbin.

If you own a laptop with 4GB then it’s time to upgrade the RAM to 8-16GB because it is important for gaming laptops to get maximum performance for gaming. If you have only 4GB RAM then you can only play old games which have been played in the olden days. But now the gaming world has changed with a new gaming setup for maximizing performance.

How to replace the RAM in Laptop

If you open the laptop bottom side you can see the RAM inside the laptop, So now you can replace the RAM with more memory that means,

if you have two 2GB ram and you can upgrade to two 4GB RAM so you will get 8GB RAM in your laptop and it will help to boost the gaming performance of the laptop.

DDR4 is the standard RAM in the market, But you need to check the RAM slot that replacement RAM will support in the motherboard, So make sure that new RAM will support or match the motherboard.

Then, the next step is to check the clock speed of the RAM which means how many cycles the RAM can perform in every second.

SSD (Solid State Drive)

If you check your laptop you can see the HDD (Hard Disk Drive) in your old laptop. So, to make your laptop with the high performance you need to upgrade the HDD to SSD ( Solid State Drive). The SSD can convert the laptop into a high-performance gaming laptop.

SSD is the best choice for the laptop and it gives better performance rather than HDD. SSD cannot increase the frame rate but it can increase the speed of booting the apps and games. After upgrading the HDD you can analyze the speed of booting.

The best combo is to add both HDD and SSD together to get maximum performance for the gaming laptop.

Graphics Card

It is another important component of the gaming laptop, but in most laptops, you cannot upgrade the graphics card and processor of the laptop. So, you can get an external graphics card built into an external unit and you can connect through USB. This is the only way to upgrade the graphics card of the laptop.

How does an eGPU turn your laptop into a gaming laptop?

eGPU is the best element for upgrading the graphics. eGPU is an external graphic unit that helps the laptop or PC to handle some of their issues and it was connected with a high-speed connection. The eGPU will help to keep the load away from the internal graphics card of the laptop or PC.

Compared to the price it is expensive but building a new gaming pc it will help to solve the problem and also to save money.

Upgrade the Operating System 

By upgrading the windows can also increase the performance of the gaming, if you have windows 7 then you can switch to windows 10 without any effort. The only thing you need to do is uninstall current windows and install new windows in your system.

You will get immersive performance with upgraded windows also help to other apps and software.

Conclusion of how to make a low end laptop a gaming laptop

This is the way to make your laptop into a gaming laptop and by upgrading this component you can see the immersive performance of the laptop. But it also requires money for upgrading the laptop.

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