Generally, people use television for playing or connecting their Xbox, But if you don’t have a television or want to play Xbox one on laptop without tv.

While going outside the home for some days you cannot carry the television with you but you can carry the laptop. But you can use your laptop as a monitor for Xbox.

So, You can use the laptop for playing games on Xbox, and the laptop act as the monitor of the laptop.

how to play xbox one on laptop without tv
how to play xbox one on laptop without tv

How to connect your PC to Xbox One console?

Xbox is the best device for playing games and most gamers use the television as the monitor for Xbox. But now you can use a laptop or PC for playing games on Xbox.

To connect Pc to the Xbox One console:

Step1: On your Pc open or install the Xbox Console Companion App, choose the connect icon on the left side and it looks like a little Xbox One.

Step2: Click on the Xbox and then choose Connect option.

Step3: The Pc will connect to your Xbox One automatically and now you can play games.

How to connect Xbox via HDMI?

Connecting a laptop to your Xbox One via an HDMI cable is the easy and simple way. The Xbox One can be easily connected to a laptop in different ways but in this topic,

I will show “ How to connect via an HDMI cable?”.

The HDMI is the basic connection that allows transmitting audio and video from one device to another through a cable. When you are connecting the laptop to your Xbox One via HDMI you need to know few things.

The first thing you need to turn off the gaming console then make sure that no software or programs are running on the laptop. If any applications or specific windows are open the close them.

Connect the HDMI cable one end to the Xbox One console’s HDMI port. The port of HDMI in the Xbox console was placed at the backside.

On the Laptop insert the other HDMI end, If you don’t have an HDMI port or slot on the laptop then buy an adapter that is suitable for the laptop.

After doing all the procedures or connecting both HDMI slots then you can turn on the gaming console,

wait a minute for the laptop to detect the new device connected.

If the Xbox is not detected in the laptop after connecting through the HDMI cable, Then you need to check the display settings of the laptop.

how to play xbox one on laptop without tv
how to play xbox one on laptop without tv

How to connect Xbox One to Windows 10?

You can also connect the Xbox to the laptop without HDMI but you need a minimum requirement for connecting the laptop without an HDMI cable.

For some laptops, they must be using the old version operating system like window 7, etc. But you need a high-performance laptop with windows 10 for connecting the Xbox One.

The wireless connectivity was made through the Directx 12 feature which will allow the laptop and Xbox to connect wireless and play games.

can you play xbox on a laptop?

Yes, you can play Xbox games on a laptop with HDMI or wireless. You can connect the laptop using Xbox app.

Can I use laptop as a monitor?

Yes, you can use a laptop monitor as an alternative screen for playing games on Xbox with an HDMI cable.

Conclusion of how to play xbox one on laptop without tv

I hope you all solved the problems related to the connectivity of the Xbox console to the laptop with HDMI or wireless.

You must need a system that has a minimum RAM of 4GB to play games on the laptop also make sure about the connectivity steps that you have read.