4 Steps for Laptop screen size measurement [ Ultimate guide]

Today I will show a detailed guide about the Laptop screen size measurement. You can purchase laptops in different screen sizes but it may depend upon the price of the buyer.

These laptops have great features but in my point of view, the screen is the most part of the laptop so we have to know complete guide about laptop screen size.

The buyer has to keep the laptop screen size before purchasing a laptop. Because it is the main feature of our view before making a purchase.

Laptop Screen Size

The screen size of a laptop is the most important part and it may vary according to the variable inches. But you should select the laptop according to your usage so it may fit your daily purposes.

Laptop Screen Size Comparison Chart

Laptop Screen Size Comparison Chart
Laptop Screen Size Comparison Chart

Here you can find the different laptop screen sizes with megapixels also below I will show you how to measure laptop screen size.

Laptop Screen sizeLaptop BrandScreen resolutionViewable Megapixels
12 inchMicrosoft pro surface800 x 6000.48
13 inchDell XP1024 x 7680.79
14 inchHP Stream1280 x 8001.02
15 inchDell Inspiron1280 x 10241.31
15.6 inchLenovo IdeaPad 3201400 x 10501.31
17.3 inchHP 20191920 x 12001.92
17 inchDell Precision1920 x 12002.30
laptop screen sizes

So let’s move to the next section about measuring laptop screen size ( Ultimate Guide)

How to measure a Laptop’s Screen Size?

I will show you a detailed step-by-step guide that explains how to measure laptop screen size,  So you must understand the below steps to get an idea of screen size measure.

Step1: Select an appropriate material for measuring.

To measure the laptop screen size you must need two items to find out the screen size yourself: a smooth measuring tape and a pencil.

Before measuring make sure that the tape is smooth to avoid damages to the laptop screen. But you don’t need to measure the margins of the laptop.

Step2: Measure your laptop screen width

You need to measure the screen width using a measuring tape, place the measuring tape horizontally on the screen then measure from bottom left to bottom right.

But don’t measure the whole size only measure the screen size ( Glass part) of the laptop and avoid the margins.

Step3: Measure your laptop screen height

You need to measure the screen height to get real dimensions. Take the tape and measure from bottom to top of the laptop screen. You shouldn’t include the bezels as well while measuring.

Step4: Measure your laptop diagonal

You can measure the laptop diagonal with measuring tape or using maths, the alternative way for measuring the screen from the bottom left corner to top right. The measurement will tell the diagonal of the size that is 12 inches or more.

What are tips for measuring laptop screen size?

  1. Before doing measurement you must turn off the laptop.
  2. Don’t put pressure on the screen, it may cause damage to the led cells.
  3. Never use any wet or dirty measuring tape.

Conclusion of Laptop screen size measurement

Now you have got an idea of Laptop screen size measurement and comparison and you can measure the laptop screen size without damaging the screen to laptop parts.

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