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Mobile phones are becoming the most important part of our lives, playing games and watching movies and social media usage are increasing in daily lives. “How to remove bubbles from tempered glass screen protector”

Mobile phones have changed the lives of every person who uses them and given them new knowledge and personal data saver of life.

In order to protect the mobile phone screen, you must have good screen protectors. Many users buy the best one online but they don’t know how to install the tempered glass on the screen.

What happens if there are bubbles on the screen protectors? it was wasteful while installing the screen protectors.

How to remove Bubbles from tempered glass screen protectors?

How to remove Bubbles from tempered glass screen protectors?
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This is one of the best questions that my friend asked to prepare an article on how to install the tempered glass screen protector without any bubbles. 

Screen protectors may help the mobile phone from cracks. But it was not easy to put the screen protectors without any damages or bubbles.

Once you apply the screen protectors then it is quite difficult to re-apply on your screen. 

Reapplying the screen protectors on mobile or tablet

How to reapply screen protector on your mobile.

You must need a sharp object for a credit card to lift the corner of the screen protector.

Carefully slide the screen protector one end with a credit card for any blade.  be careful while removing the screen protector from the mobile phone without any damages.

Don’t try to bend the screen protector to lift it up. it may break the screen. 

Many screens protected can be removed and reapplied to the screen multiple time. 

Clean and dry the screen with dust-free cleaning cloths

The dust can make the surface of the screen rough and it may cause bubbles on the screen protector. So you must clean the screen with a lint-free cloth or dust-free cleaning clothes.

Before cleaning the screen you must be in a clean environment and your hand must be washed. 

if your hand has any dirt or dust then it can be transferred to the screen protectors and can damage the whole screen.

Turn off the AC or fan while cleaning the screen.

Removing the excess Dust with Scotch tape

You can use the Scotch tap for removing the excess Dust from the mobile screen. To apply the scotch tape strip across the screen. Press down on it and slowly lift it up to pick a smaller piece of dust.

Cover the whole screen and use the above scotch tape method for removing the dust.

Reapplying the screen protector on the mobile screen

After cleaning the screen the next process is applying the screen protector on the mobile. You must line up the edges of the screen protector on your device screen. If the screen protector is correctly positioned, then set one edge of the screen protector against the screen.

Press slowly down to place the screen protector on the device.

Use a credit card or Rub the screen edges

Once screen protectors are applied on the screen without any damages and dust.

Press with credit card or any object like the card on the center of the screen.

Push the screen from the center to the edges and clear all the bubbles you found on the screen protectors.

If you found bubbles on it again, Then reapply the screen or consider a new screen protector to solve the problem.

Conclusion of How to remove bubbles from tempered glass screen protector

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